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Whole House Generator Maintenance

Never lose power again – rely on JC Heating for expert partial or whole-house generator installation for your home or business.

Whole House Generator Maintenance in Bucks County Pa.

Proper generator maintenance is critical to the life and optimal operation of your generator. We have scheduled maintenance agreements that you can contract for to cover this upkeep.

Your generator experiences wet freezing weather in the winter and hot humid weather in the summer, making for a tough life on the exterior of your home or office.

If you want the lights to come on when the power goes off have your generator maintained at least once a year.

Your Generator needs Service - we are the experts to call.

How often should I have my generator maintenance done?

Most generator manufacturers recommend annual maintenance. Yearly maintenance helps pressure its life to ensure it's ready to run winter or summer.


  1. Change and install new oil
  2. Change and install new air filter
  3. Change and install new spark plug
  4. Check for proper clearance around the generator
  5. Clean and tighten battery terminals
  6. Check power out put voltage of generator
  7. Check auto transfer switch
  8. Check gas pressures
  9. Check any fuel filter
  10. Clean generator control panels
  11. Run system under load for ten minutes
  12. Test battery voltage
  13. Inspect and tighten gas line connections
  14. Inspect grounding rod
  15. Inspect bonding system
  16. Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
  17. Inspect generator housing
  18. Inspect generator pad
  19. Inspect any hose connections
  20. Record all findings
  21. Make any recommendations needed

Ask About Installing a Whole House Surge Protectors

Why Install a Whole House Surge Protector?

A power surge occurs when the voltage gets too high, causing the wiring to overheat and burn. Power surges come from nearby lighting strikes, downed power lines, a car hitting a pole, utility repair. There is a tremendous surge of electricity when lines are broken. 

The Value of Whole House surge Protectors

If you got sophisticated electronics and appliances - and who does not these days? you can't afford not to safeguard them with an whole house surge protectors.

Surge protectors are installed in your main circuit panel. Average Cost of installation $300 to $500

Contact our service department today to learn more about our generator installation services and to schedule an maintenance appointment.

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