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Underground Oil Tanks

JC Heating knows Levittown Heating Oil Tanks

Heating Oil Tank Installation, Repairs & Removal

Do You Know How Old Your Fuel Oil Tank Is?

The home heating oil tank has been called the Rodney Dangerfield of the home heating system, because it gets no respect. Consumers tend to take it for granted until something goes wrong.

     Oil tanks don't last forever. The life expectancy of an oil tank can be affected by the thickness of the steel and the location of the tank. If your tank is 20 to 25-years-old, it's time for you to consider replacing your tank.

      These are important considerations, because your tank deteriorates from the inside out and the outside in. So, there are not always obvious signs that a problem is just around the corner. When your oil tank gives out, a serious situation, at the very least, you'll be without heat and hot water. At the worst, you'll be faced with a mess and sometimes an expensive oil spill. So again we ask you: How old is your oil tank? Was it there when you purchased your home? If you're not sure, JC Heating may be of some help.

What Else Should I Consider?

Once you've answered that question, there are other things to consider. If it's time to replace - What are your options? What is on the market and what is best for your needs.

At JC Heating we install a complete line of underground and aboveground oil tanks.

  • Fiberglass - Steel  double-wall underground oil tanks. The strength of steel and the protection of an outer fiberglass coating to prevent the tank from rusting from the outside in.
  • STI-PS3 - Tank is fabricated with a 30 year corrosion resistant coating. Dielectric anodes provide additional corrosion protection and enable the customer to monitor the tank from above ground. 
  • Fuel oil additives to help prevent rusting from the inside out. 
  • Fiberglass single & double wall underground oil tanks.
  • Removal of underground oil tanks.
  • Installations of aboveground oil tanks.
  • Installation of aboveground oil tanks with secondary containment.
  • Contact our Service Department at 215-493-7455 or 215-945-4833

Underground oil tank replacement underground oil tank removal JC Heating installs oil tanks





JC Heating will obtain all local township permits if needed.
  • Disposal of water and tank bottoms.
  • Disposal of old oil tank to meet EPA and local Township guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I just leave the old tank in the ground?
  • As Per The Boca National Fire Prevention Code.
  • Section F-3208.1.3 Removal: Any tank abandoned for a period of one year or determined to be leaking shall be removed from the premises in an approved manner.

    2. What if my tank leaked? What can I do?

  • With ever-tightening environmental regulations governing spills of crude and refined hydrocarbons into the environment, it became apparent that there might be occasions where consumers would find it necessary to clean up a spill. One potential situation is in the residential delivery of fuel oil.
  • Bet's scientists focused in on the specific circumstances and developed a very "user-friendly" product that is intended for use by non-technical people in residential environments. 
  • The BIOPETRO SPILL KIT(TM)  "feeds" on hydrocarbons spills where they occur, without removing the soil for extensive aeration and tilling.
  • The Spill Kit is easy to use and environmentally SAFE. 
  • The product is made up of 25 strains of naturally occurring bacteria which are harvested from nature, grown individually, and compounded together with nutrients, activators, wetting agents, and buffers so that the organisms can adapt readily to specific bio remediation requirements. They are equally effective in situations with or without oxygen. 
  • The bacteria are not toxic, pathogenic, carcinogenic, mutagen or teratogenic. In the simplest of terms they can not cause harm to life forms - human, animal, fowl, fish, insect, plants, etc-- through poisoning, disease, cancer, mutation, or birth defect.
  • When used in a hydrocarbon spill environment, the BIOPETRO bacteria quickly begin to thrive and multiply, and then produce special enzymes that break down the offending pollutants before digesting them as their primary source of food.
  • After initial application, the customer needs to apply 2-3 gallons of water to the site each week for one month.
  • The BIOPETRO Spill Kit is designed for the treatment of small scale spills of Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene, and Motor Oil


From a paper produced by the BioEnviroteck  Company

Tomball, Texas 77375    


People who do not follow standard safety practices are killed or injured every year while closing or removing tanks.  The tank must be emptied and cleaned by removing all liquids, dangerous vapors levels and accumulated sludge. These potentially very hazardous actions need to be carried out carefully by trained professionals who follow standard safety practices.

We provide residential oil tank installation and removal throughout Bucks & Montgomery County, PA for over 42 years.
We are proud to provide heating oil tank repairs, installations and removals in the following areas in Buck County:
Bensalem Pa., Bryn Athyn pa, Bristol Pa., Buckingham Pa., Chalfont Pa., Croydon Pa., Cornwell Heights Pa, Churchville Pa, Doylestown Pa. , Feasterville Pa., Fairless Hills Pa., Furlong Pa., Trevose Pa., Tullytown Pa., Jamison Pa.,Holland Pa,  Hatboro Pa, Horsham Pa, Huntington Valley Pa, Lahaska Pa, Langhorne Pa., Levittown Pa., Lower Makefield, Lower Moreland, Newtown Pa., New Britain Pa, New Hope Pa., Parkland Pa, Penns Park Pa, Parkland Pa, Pipersville Pa, Pineville Pa, Richboro Pa., Rushland Pa., Ottsville Pa, Solebury Pa, Southampton Pa., Warrington Pa., Warminster Pa., Willow Grove Pa, Wycombe Pa, Trevose Pa, Morrisville Pa., Warrington Pa, Washington Crossing Pa.,Yardley Pa., and surrounding areas. 
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