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Tiger Loop


Tigerloop Products

For years, Tigerloop has been primarily thought of as a problem solver, a "band-aid," used to economically cure air and suction line problems. But, that's only part of the story! All systems benefit from Tigerloop's unique ability to condition the oil prior to burning. Whether it's air elimination, nozzle coking problems, vacuum reduction, oil preheating, or just the elimination of that potentially leaky return line , Tigerloop is today's safe, economical choice for all oil supply systems.

The Advantages of Tigerloop...
• Safely Handles suction line air leaks
• Reduces running vacuum for clear, foam-free oil at the nozzle
• Removes air entrained in oil during transporting and delivery
• Eliminates potential leak hazard by eliminating the return line
• Preheats oil for cleaner combustion
• Extends filter element life

Preheats cold outdoor oil for better efficiency and combustion

The ever-popular Tigerloop removes residual air from the fuel, promoting enhanced boiler efficiency, cleaner combustion and a more efficient burn. The Tigerloop also does away with the need for an undesirable return line on top outlet and wall mounted installations.Tigerloop offers more reliable and environmentally-friendly oil installations. Tigerloop does not only de-aerate the oil. Because only one pipe is used between tank and burner, the installation is cheaper and safer because a return pipe is not needed and the risk of oil leakage is therefore significantly reduced. The one-pipe system, as it is called, also means that considerably cleaner oil is drawn from the tank.

Perfecting the art...

We have seen great advances in oil heating equipment in the years since the height of the "energy crisis". Today's burners are clean and efficient, and with the modern boiler and furnace made for unprecedented comfort and economy. But the technology of oil heating is still developing, and the new Tigerloop is part of that progress. It is truly another step in perfecting the art!

Important Note:

Warning; Installation must be performed by a qualified technician familiar with oil heating systems, equipped with the proper tools and equipment, familiar with all governing codes and ordinances. Installation by unqualified persons can result in hazards, to that person or others, these hazards may include spillage of fuel oil, fire, severe burns, damage to system components and other hazards.


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