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Fuel Cost Comparison

Heating Fuel Comparison
All fuels were not created equal. A therm of gas, a gallon of fuel oil and a gallon of propane all have different amounts of energy and real fuel cost are difficult to compare. Learn more on how to compare fuel cost and to learn about how System 2000 provides a versatile solution and is fuel neutral.
Environmental and Economic Fuel Comparsion
An average house in the Northeast uses 822 gallons of fuel oil for heat and hot water for one year. The chart below shows the cost of other fuels providing the same 
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Compare Heating Oil
- sold in gallons (138,700 BTU/gallon)
  • Multiply the propane price per gallon by 1.507 to give the equivalent price per gallon of heating oil.
  • Multiply the natural gas delivered price per therm by 1.387 to give the equivalent price per gallon of heating oil.
  • Multiply the electricity price per KWH by 40.6 to give the equivalent price per gallon of heating oil.
Compare Propane Gas
-sold in gallons (92,000 BTU/gallon)  Propane is all most always more expensive to heat your home with then heating oil, because of the lower BTU  per gallon then heating oil and normally sells for more per gallon than heating oil.
Fuel isn't the only consideration - efficiency can make the difference in cutting use and greenhouse gas emissions.
Oilheat is safe: Oilheat doesn't explode, nor does it pose a health hazard for you.
Oilheat is economical: Adjusted for inflation, Oilheat prices today are lower than they were in 1980.
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System Sizing and Selection Tool
Fuel Type:  
Annual Heating Fuel Consumption: Gallons
Fuel Price: per Gallon
Enter Estimated Savings*: %
Current Annual Fuel Cost: $ 3,900  
Recommended Model: EK1 Frontier  
Purchasing 40% more fuel per year is like paying $6.50 per Gallon $ 6.50  
New Fuel Bill: $ 2,340  
Estimated 30 Year Fuel Savings: $ 46,800  
Estimated Annual Savings: $ 1,560  
Estimated 30 year reduction in pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (greenhouse gas emissions)*: 22,091 Pounds CO2
Other Information    
Heating Degree Days: 4759  
Design Day Temperature: 11