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Solar PV Electric

Solar Electric PV Installations in Bucks County Pa.


Electricity from the Sun

The Sun is our greatest energy source: powerful, lasting, reliable, and available all over the world. Every hour the sunlight that reaches the earth is greater than the amount of energy used by every person on the planet in an entire year.

Solar Electric Reduces your electric bill from 50% to 70%

Generating electricity from the sun is a technology that all of us know well. Whether you're powering a pocket calculator, satellite, or your home, solar electricity, also known as photolytic, can get the job done.

What is Solar Photo voltaic (PV)

SOLAR SYSTEMPV is the technical term for converting sunlight directly into DV energy. Solar electric systems seamlessly feed your home with clean, free solar electricity and then send the excess solar energy to the utility grid, spinning your meter backward during the day. The midday solar energy is "sold back" to the utility at peak utility rates, giving the highest value for the excess energy you generate. Your system will provide your home or business with power for 30+ years, so you can secure your future against electric increases.

How long does a typical PV system last?

Most professionally installed systems will last 30 to 40 years.

Why is solar good for the environment?

Sun generated power is clean - no pollution, noise or fossil fuels. A typical 6 kilowatt system and 80 gallon Solar Hot Water System will eliminate 120 tons of carbon dioxide over its 30+ year lifetime.

Can PV produce electricity on cloudy days?

Yes, on partly cloudy days PV can generate up to 80% of their potential energy production. On overcast days PV can produce about 25% of its potential.

How long does the installation take?

Installing a PV system can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days, depending on its size.

What rebates or other incentives apply to me?

A federal tax credit of 30% with no limit cap applies to consumers and businesses. Pennsylvania has a rebate plan called the Pa Sunshine Program that gives a per installed watt $0.75w for systems of 1-10 kilowatts (KW) cash rebate for homeowners.

Example: 5,000 kw system* $0.75/w = $3,750.00 cash rebate. Typically these two incentive programs will offset approximately 50% of the installed cost. Apart from reducing your utility electric bill homeowners can often sell any surplus electricity directly back to the utility at an attractive rate. In addition, a 5KW system can earn up to $3,000 per year in SREC credits for the next 10 years!

How do I get a credit or 1 SREC?

Every megawatt hour (MWH) your system generates earns 1 credit. The average solar PV installation produces 1000 to 1200 kilowatts hours per year / 1 kilowatt of DC installed capacity. Therefore, a 5KW PV system will produce 5 RECs per year depending on site conditions. SPEC valves vary by the state and market conditions.

A 5kw system will qualify for 5 SREC. A SREC has been trading for a high of $600 to a low of $300. Therefore, SREC will earn a 5kw system from a high of $3,000 to a low of $1,500 per year in additional income.


We will act as your liaison for interconnection paperwork. We will handle all electrical permits and inspections. We provide excellent service before, during and after installation.


Just like a home is a long term investment, solar is a long term investment with an extremely lucrative return for its owner. Just think every time the utility raises its rates they are giving you more savings! Plus, to help you out the US Federal Government supplies you a 30% tax credit!

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