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95% Efficient Oil Furnace

Adams & Kerr

"The World's Most Efficient Furnace"

95% Efficient Condensing Oil Fired Furnace

50,000 Through 250,000 Btu

2.5 Through 10 Tons Cooling

35% More Heat with Matching Fuel Savings

95% Efficienct Oil Furnace - No Chimney Needed For utility room, closet, alcove, basement or attic operation. Up flow, counterflow & horizontal models available.

All models can be vertically or horizontally vented with 3" PVC pipe.

No Chimney Needed

Ideal for Heat Pump Conversions

Garage or Shop Installations
97% Steady State Efficiency. The Paradigm's condensing technology delivers a leap forward in efficiency. Capable of steady efficiencies up to 97%, the Paradigm is significantly more efficient than most Energy Star qualified oil-fired furnaces. Higher efficiency means reduced fuel consumption and that means lower fuel bills for you, year after year.
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