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Oil to Propane or Natural Gas Conversions in Bucks County Pa.

Oil To Gas Conversion in Bucks County Pa.

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If you've decided to switch your oil heating system to natural gas, JC Heating & Cooling has fully licensed and certified technicians available to handle all aspects of the conversion, including installing the highest quality equipment from the most trusted brands.

If you're replacing your old oil equipment, you may want to crunch the numbers on switching to natural gas.

So, its time to replace your old oil burning system, and you might be wondering if it makes sense to switch to gas. Here's what you need to consider.

Putting a gas burner in a oil boiler or oil furnace is not going to give you an efficient heating system. The efficiency difference can be more than 25% lower than new equipment so within a few years whatever you save in the cost of not buying new equipment is lost by purchasing more fuel every year. In the long run it is a bad idea. Oil Boilers & Oil Furnaces were never designed to burn natural gas and installing a gas burner in an oil heater may actually cause damage to the existing equipment and void the manufacturers warranty.

Old oil & gas boilers only operate by temperture on or off. They run so hot that the exhaust is generally over 500 - 600 degrees which is a waste of your fuel dollars. New oil and gas boilers have a much lower exhaust temperature, meaning more heat enters the house and less heat goes up the chimney, thereby saving you money. Many new oil & gas boilers operate with an indoor outdoor reset control system which regulates the boiler water temperatures according to how cold it is outside, thereby saving energy. Many new modern oil & gas furnaces have a two stage gas burner, to conserve energy.

New modern oil and gas boilers use condensing technology with efficiency ratings over 90% AFUE giving the best fuel savings.

What to keep in mind when considering switching to natural gas.

We have put together this list of things you should start thinking about as you decide if you want to switch to natural gas. It is a big decision and we are happy to come out and meet with you and talk about options, cost and financing. Just give us a call. Installation Estimates and Advice are always free!

When the average family replaces their inefficient tankless coil oil boiler or gas boiler with a cold start oil or gas boiler with an indirect fired hot water storage tank they can save up to 40% on their heating bill. What is an indirect fired hot water heater? It is like storing your hot water in a thermos bottle, thereby shutting off the boiler that runs all day and night long just in case you want hot water. A tankless oil or gas boiler is the most inefficient way to heat your HOT WATER AND YOUR HOME.

How much will it cost to remove my oil tank?

Building and fire codes require the property owner to remove the fuel oil tank when converting to gas. Removal cost can be $600 to $800 to remove and dispose of an above ground oil tank and $800 to $1,800 to remove and dispose of an underground oil tank. Be cautious of a contractor that tells you just to leave it in place. It is an accident waiting to happen and the removal is required by building code.

Will I need to reline my Chimney?

If reusing a existing masonry chimney the building code requires that it be relined with an approved chimney lining system. The cost of relining can range from $1,400 to $2,800 depending upon the chimney style, type and height and difficulty of installation.

How much will the gas hookup cost?

There are two aspects to the connection process for gas: outside the house and inside. The gas company will run an underground pipe from the street to your house, where it will install a meter. This requires using a backhoe to dig a trench from the road to your house and typically costs $1,000 to $2,500, but may cost more depending upon the length of the run. The second part of the job is to install the gas piping from the meter to your heating equipment, typically the cost is $500 to $1,500. The type of gas pipe and size of the gas line takes into consideration all of the appliances in the house, their draw and the distance they are from the meter.

Furnace Blower Motors

When purchasing a new oil or gas furnace, you may want to consider a higher efficiency blower motor. New variable speed blower motors use a fraction of the electric that older belt driven motors. In fact, a variable speed blower motor operating on low speed uses less electric than a 100 watt light bulb. Not only will a new high efficiency furnace save on fuel cost it will also help to lower your electric bill.

Circulator Pumps

When purchasing a new oil or gas boiler you want to consider a higher efficiency circulator (pump). New variable speed circulator motors use a fraction of the electric than older shade pole driven motors. Not only will a new high efficiency boiler save on fuel cost it will also help to lower your electric bill.

Converting from Oil To Gas - JC Heating can help and provide the following:

  • We have the technicians that can install the most efficient gas equipement.
  • Install new gas lines to the gas meter.
  • Remove your old oil tank and any heating oil left in the tank.
  • Provide chimney inspections, service and also install chimney liners if needed.
  • Provide service agreements for your new gas equipement.
  • Provide gas tune-ups to ensure your new eqipement runs efficiencty.

For over 48 Years JC Heating & Cooling has specialized in Natural Gas Installations & Service

If you have any questions about natural gas conversions contact JC Heating & Cooling today @ 215-945-4833.       

We're proud to provide gas heating repairs and installations to the following communities in Bucks County, PA:

Andalusia Pa, Bensalem Pa, Buckingham Pa, Bucks County Pa, Bristol Pa, Cornwells Heights Pa, Churchville Pa, Croydon Pa, Chalfont Pa, Doylestown Pa., Fairless Hills Pa, Feasterville Pa, Furlong Pa, Jamison Pa, Langhorne Pa, Morrisville Pa, New Hope Pa, Newtown Pa, Richboro Pa, Trevose Pa, Tullytown Pa, Warminster Pa, Washington Crossing Pa, Wrightstown Pa, Wycombe Pa, Eddington Pa, Edgely Pa, Fallsington Pa, Feasterville Pa, Hatboro Pa, Horsham Pa, Holland Pa, Hulmeville Pa, Ivyland Pa, Levittown, Lower Makefield Pa, Southampton Pa, Solebury Pa, Middletown Pa, Montgomery County Pa, Morrisville Pa, Northampton Pa, Oakford Pa, Penndel Pa, Penns Park Pa, Pineville Pa, Parkland Pa, Wycome Pa, Wrightstown Pa. and Yardley Pa. and surrounding area near me.

Depending on the price of oil, the overall cost of maintaining and heating your home is roughly the same for gas and oil over the heating season. The biggest difference you may face is in the initial switch from an oil to a natural gas system. Keep in mind that newer systems will be an easier transition, but it still could cost a homeowner upwards of $10,000 to make that switch. Homeowners need to be aware of these initial costs and be willing to take that risk that they will recover those costs in the coming 10-20 years. If oil prices remain low, that would be hard to do.