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System 2000 Boiler Testimonials
System 2000 Oil Boiler Testimonials
I had a system 2000 boiler installed in my house and couldn't be happier with it.
Paul Boonton
I had a system 2000 boiler installed in my house last October and couldn't be happier with it. I was told I'd save money and when I ran the numbers over the previous season, I saved about $1,500.00. Great system and extremely quiet and nice looking.
The first time my wife Judy used the new system she said it felt like being at the "Sheraton."Don & Judy B.,
It has been more than a month now since the installation of our new heating system and we couldn't be more satisfied to this point. The continous flow of "hot water" is amazing, especially after 18 years of squeezing a minor amount of water and trying to take a shower in two minutes or less. The first time my wife Judy used the new system she said it felt like being at the "Sheraton." And I don't have to stop the dishwasher, or washing machine in order to shower, that's great. And like you said, I have on occasion gone to the heater to look and make certain that it's running because it is so quiet unlike our old boiler that was not only noisy but rumbled and was inefficient. So far everything is on the money, and I am sure we will save money on oil usage, and with the prices going up we are glad we made the change to the System 2000.
Without a doubt, "The system 2000 boiler is the Cadillac of Heating System."Francis F.
Buying a furnace isn't something that one looks forward to doing. But, I must say that this system 2000 that we now have is truly a great experience. I've work for IBM for 15 years in Engineering and I truly can say that these units are the TOP OF THE LINE! Without a doubt "The System 2000 boiler is the Cadillac of Heating Systems." 
We used 33 gallons in 5 months for hot water...WOW!
Elaine H
I want to express my gratitude to you and your company regarding my Energy Kinetics boiler.. installed our new boiler in the Fall of 2008 in the basement of my ranch style house. We have seen a large reduction in our oil consumption as a result of the new unit and its efficiency. I was interested in the oil usage through the summer to heat our hot water. So we did a test. I topped off my tank in May and just today topped off our tank again. We used 33 gallons in 5 months for hot water. That's about 6 gallons a month! WOW! I am truly impressed. You have a very happy customer! Again, thank you for your product and savings it provides to my household budget.
This first year of usage amounted to 400 gallons or 46% savings. If I could do just that with my car!
Farnk K
The System 2000 proved to be everything you said it would be. Its is very quiet, produces an unlimited amout of hot water, burns extremely clean, and has made it possible for me to deal with the rising cost of energy.
Virtually Endless Hot showers
Dan G and Family
The result was well worth the effort! Your system is awesome! I took the longest hot shower I've had since I bought this house! We really put the system to the test this morning. My wife ran the dishwasher, and the laundry, while I took another shower. Then my wife and son took a shower and there was still enough water to fill the tub(at full flow mind you) for my daughter's bath! I'm convinced that this was the best investment I've made in a long time, and if you ever need a customer's endorsement you've got it!
I mentioned filling the tub at full flow because with the old domestic hot water coil in the boiler, we had to trickle the water into the tub for a half hour to run a hot bath. If the flow was too high, the water would run cold after a few minutes.
For proven reliability and performance The system 2000 saves more than other oil or gas boilers.
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