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Bucks County Pa Thermopride Oil Fired Furnace Repairs and Replacements

Furnace Repairs and Furnace Installations in 

Bucks County Pa 

Thermo Pride Oil Furnace

JC Heating installs Thermo Pride oil and gas furnacesPremiere Oil Fired Furnace

When you want to experience exceptional comfort, increased efficiency, and quieter operation while receiving the handcraft quality and proven warranty of Thermo Pride's traditional oil furnace select the Premiere Oil Furnace with the ECM variable speed blower motor. Since the ECM motor automatically adjusts its speed for varying heating and cooling modes your home's maximum comfort is achieved.
What's New
While most fan motors have only one speed and are either on "full blast" or not at all, these motors are controlled by sophisticated electronics built into the motor or control. These electronics can sense the requirements of the heating and cooling system automatically vary the speed and power of the fan motor accordingly.
  • Variable Speed Energy Efficienct Blower Motor uses up to 80% less electricySlowly ramp up for whisper quiet operation
  • Automatically compensate for restricted ducts or dirty air filters
  • Lower energy bills for quick payback

These fan motors are designed to deliver just the right amount of airflow to efficiently transfer heated or cooled air throughout your house. Unlike conventional motors that immediately come on "full blast" as soon as the thermostat clocks on, the EFM motor waits a short time before starting slowly to gently push air into the rooms without notice. The speed is increased gradually as the air is heated or cooled and reaches the specified volume a short time later.

Another of the important features of the EFM motor is its ability to run at a reduced speed whenever the heating and cooling is not operating. By constantly circulating the air within the house, you reduce uneven temperatures at different levels. Operating at this low speed is very efficient and uses less electricity than a standard light bulb. This also means cleaner air in the home. The air is constantly circulated through the filter, removing dust and dirt.

Safety and Performance Independent Certifications

All Thermo Pride oil furnaces models are Underwriter Laboratory (UL) certified for safety and conform to Therm Pride voluntarily efficiency certification programs which verify manufacturer's equipment ratings in accordance with federal mandated test procedures.


"Temperature rise" is the difference in temperature of the return air from the point when it enters the furnace to the point where it exits the furnace. The higher the temperature rises, the greater the warmth of the air when it enters the rooms of the home. Some brands of furnaces have a temperature rise as low as 50 F. Others are up in the 60 F temperature rise area. Thermo Pride has set a 70 F temperature rise as standard across its full line of oil furnaces.

The Operating Efficiency

The US Department of Energy has established minimum efficiency levels from oil furnaces. Efficiency is reflected as a % and is referred to as Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). The minimum allowable is 78%. Oil furnace manufacturers, for the most part, have stayed below 85-percent AFUE, as a maximum to lessen the likelihood of chimney moisture problems resulting from exhaust vapors that are too cool. The higher the efficiency, in other words, does not necessary translate to mean the better the furnace. There are still other considerations such as comfort and noise.

The Heat Exchanger

Thermo Pride Copper Coated Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the heart of a furnace. It is where the fuel is burned and the residue heat transferred to the air, which circulates through your home or place of business. What are some key considerations regarding a heat exchanger?

Metal thickness. metal thickness

The heavier (thicker) the metal the more durable and corrosion resistant the heat exchanger. Thermo Pride oil furnaces are constructed of 13 gage hot rolled steel. The lower the gauge
 number the thicker the steel. Some brands use 17 gage or 18 gage steels which are about 1/2 the thickness of 13 gage.

Square Inches of Heating Surface

Over recent times, some brands of oil furnaces have been down sized to become very compact. This has been done in interest of reduced steel cost and to prevent taking excess space in the home. The reduced size may come with a compromise however, and that is reduced furnace durability and less comfort, Thermo Price continues to only produce heat exchangers with a greater area of square inches of heating surface, The larger heat exchanger surface area allows a more even spreading of the heat within the heat exchanger metal which means there is less stress in the steel. There is also a more uniform transfer of heat to air which means more comfort.

The Finish

Most furnace brands apply no finish to the surface of the heat exchangers. Some manufacturers paint the outside for appearance reasons or for protection prior to the furnace being placed in operation, but the paint burns off first time the furnace is fired. Thermo Pride applies a pure copper powder coating on the outer surface of its oil furnace heat exchangers. The copper powder provides further protection to combat damp basements or locations where humidity can be a problem. The copper, though it darkens in appearance after initial firing, remains firmly bonded to the heat exchanger surface.

Count on our honest and hard working technicians to keep you and those you care for warm and cozy.

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