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Tips For Consumers for Reducing Your Heating Oil Bills

Tips for Consumers

Reducing your energy bills is easier than you might think. Here's a handy list to follow:

  1. Get an annual safety inspection from JC Heating your local fuel oil & service dealer. Choosing a competent certified technician for your system will establish an important lifeline.
  2. Have JC Heating replace your filter cartridge yearly. Inspect your oil tank.
  3. Replace the nozzle.
  4. Have your heating contractor inspect your chimney and vent pipe or flue.
  5. Have an operating efficiency test done. There is a service protocol to follow and a Flue Gas Analyzer should be used to monitor the operating efficiency of the burner. Visual adjustment is no longer acceptable. An efficiency of 80% plus is quite acceptable.
  6. In a warm air system, the air filter should be cleaned or replaced. Partially plugged filters will reduce the heat output of the furnace. High quality filters will also catch more dust. Ensure registers are unobstructed. Often forgotten, the large blower blades should be cleaned. Dust laden blades can drastically reduce heat output.
  7. In a hot water system, all residue should be vacuumed from the heating appliance. This usually means the air expansion tank should be drained. Many new style type tanks never need to be drained. Check the top floor radiators, No water - no heat. Air in the system can be a nuisance. If your vents don't do the job, there is a new breed of air eliminators on the market. Old style cirulators require lubrication. Turn up the thermostat to see that zone valves perform properly. Vacuum all residue from between the fins on baseboard radiation, both hot water and electric.
  8. Weatherproof all exterior openings.
  9. Sit back and enjoy.
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