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HVAC Service Wrightstown PA

Old Farmhouse in Wrightstown

Live Comfortably in Wrightstown With the Help of an HVAC Expert

If you’re looking for small town living within a stone’s throw of Philly, you can’t go wrong with Wrightstown Township. Though, it should be noted that the name is something of a misnomer. This “town” is actually comprised of five separate villages: Wycombe, Wrightstown, Penns Park, Pineville, and Rushland. Per the latest census, Wrightstown boasts a population of just under 3,000. While not as full of attractions as other communities in Lower Bucks County, the area boasts three bodies of water and ample open green spaces.

With average temperatures ranging from 40 to 80 degrees, it’s also an area where that requires a quality HVAC system for comfortable living. Its remoteness also explains the area’s heavy reliance on oil heating. Fortunately, if you call Wrightstown home, you have easy access to a comfort contractor with over 51 years in the business. We invite you to contact us at (215) 945-4833 to schedule ac repair or fuel oil delivery.

Oil and Gas HVAC Services in Wrightstown

Furnace Repair

One second your furnace in Wrightstown is humming along just fine. Then, suddenly, it’s not. If that happens, don’t panic! The fix isn’t always a major one. JC Heating & Cooling’s oil and gas furnace repair experts can quickly diagnose and fix the issue. Live in a mobile home? We can handle your furnace service too!

Furnace Installation

There comes a time in every oil or gas furnace’s life when it needs to be replaced. When that happens, the expert team at JC Heating & Cooling is here to provide a hassle-free quote. For professional furnace replacement in Wrightstown, give (215) 945-4833 a call.

Furnace Maintenance

If you’re like most people, you love saving money. And, in Wrightstown, scheduling an annual furnace tune-up is a great way to do it. Through a thorough cleaning and inspection, our HVAC expert will make sure your furnace is more than a match for Old Man Winter.

Boiler Repair

When Wrightstown wants hydronic heating or steam boiler repair it can count on, it turns to our boiler repair experts. Oil? Gas? Fuel source doesn’t matter to us! Give us a call to schedule boiler service in Wrightstown or Levittown.

Boiler Replacement

Even the hardiest oil boiler or gas boiler won’t last forever. And, in Wrightstown, replacing it early can lead to big savings. For a free quote on new boiler installation, reach out to JC Heating & Cooling by phone or form.

Boiler Maintenance

Keeping your boiler in tip-top shape requires regular visits from an HVAC professional. Through yearly tune-ups, you’ll see gains in efficiency and air quality. For more information about boiler maintenance in Wrightstown, contact us at (215) 945-4833.

AC Repair

Is your AC unit not taking the edge off? Has it stopped working completely? If so, it’s time to reach out to Wrightstown’s AC repair experts. In no time at all, we’ll discover the cause of the issue and present you with a price to fix it. We also off AC hard start kits and high-velocity systems.

AC Installation

Is your home in Wrightstown too old for air conditioning? Is your current unit outdated and inefficient? Then, you’ll want to schedule a consultation with us for a quote on AC replacement or installation. We look forward to helping you make the most out of summer.

AC Maintenance

You’d be surprised how many AC repair calls in Wrightstown could be solved with yearly maintenance. These system inspections not only improve system efficiency but also limit the amount of dust in your home’s HVAC system. For more information, visit our maintenance page.

Ductless AC

Live in an old home without existing ducts? Want to make your attic or bedroom cooler in the summer? If so, ductless AC system may be a great option. These systems are applauded for their efficiency and flexibility. At JC Heating & Cooling, we know how to put them in and connect them to any existing HVAC systems. If you’re interested in learning more about ductless air conditioning in Wrightstown, call us at (215) 945-4833.

Oil Tank Installation

Getting a new oil tank installed requires an oil heating expert. And, fortunately, that’s exactly what we are. We’ll help you find the best spot to locate the tank and select one that fits your family’s needs.

Oil Tank Repair

If you have an oil tank in Wrightstown that’s seen better days, it’s time to call JC Heating & Cooling. After inspecting the tank and support structure, our HVAC expert will present you with your oil tank repair options.

Oil Tank Removal

Making the switch from oil to a gas or electric heating system? We’re ready to help with the conversion process! Not only will we remove the existing tank, but we’ll also assist in the cleanup process. For more information on tank removal in Wrightstown, give us a jingle at (215) 945-4833.

Indoor Air Quality

Concerned about germs and viruses in Wrightstown? Have a family member who has trouble breathing? Then, you might want to explore our catalog of air quality products. These include high-efficiency filters, germicidal lights, electronic air cleaners, and ductwork services. To get started, visit our scheduling page to schedule an indoor air quality consultation.

Ductless Mini-Split Service

Live in an old home without existing ducts? Want to heat or cool your addition? If so, ductless mini-split installation may be your best option. These systems are highly efficient and flexible in their configuration. At JC Heating & Cooling, we know how to put them in and connect them to any existing HVAC systems. If you’re interested in learning more about ductless HVAC in Wrightstown, give us a call at (215) 945-4833. We also work on heat pumps.

Water Heater Service

There’s nothing like a cold shower to remind you why you love your water heater. Whether you need to fix your gas one or are looking to install a whole new unit, JC Heating & Cooling is ready to lend a hand. Our HVAC experts are familiar with all brands and types of water heaters. This includes once popular solar units as well. To get scheduled for water heater service in Wrightstown, give us a jingle at (215) 945-4833.

Chimney Inspection

Before you roast anything over a fire, you need to make sure your chimney is safe and properly ventilated. That means calling someone who’s certified to perform chimney inspections. For those in Wrightstown, that goal can be accomplished with a single call to (215) 945-4833. With over 51 years ensuring chimney safety, we’re well-acquainted with the requirements of modern fire safety.

Chimney Repair

Is your chimney crumbling? Has the linking worn away? Well, you better get those things fixed before you think about turning on that fireplace. Before you go looking for a fireplace store near you, we suggest visiting this page instead. Our oil and gas HVAC company is also certified to provide chimney repair in Levittown. This allows our singular business to handle almost any heating need. Add yourself to our calendar by visiting our scheduling page or by giving us a call.

Thermostat Service

Your home’s thermostat is basically the brain of your HVAC system. It tells things when to turn on, how hard to blue, and what temperature of air to provide. When it stops working, you’ll almost immediately notice. As true HVAC professionals in the Levittown area, we’re familiar with the repair and installation of these control devices. For more information on the brands of thermostats we trust, reach out to us by phone or form.
Oil Delivery in Levittown

Heating Oil Delivery in Wrightstown

Getting close to running out of fuel? Need somebody to refill that oil tank before the next cold snap? Hoping for a delivery in the dead of night? Then, you’ll want to reach out to us to schedule a heating oil dropoff in Wrightstown. We’re always available to ensure your tank is full and your home comfortable.

Trust the HVAC Company that’s Been Serving Wrightstown Since 1973

We truly understand how important heating and cooling are to year-round enjoyment of your home. That is why we go out of our way to provide prompt, professional HVAC services. As a true veteran of the business, we are familiar with even the most antiquated systems and are equipped to repair any kind of oil or gas equipment. You can see how much Wrightstown and the rest of Lower Bucks County values JC Heating & Cooling’s counsel by checking out our Google reviews. What really sets us apart, however, is our open availability. Whether the oil runs out at midnight or your fuel oil goes out in the middle of the afternoon, you can trust JC Heating & Cooling to be ready to serve.

To schedule a heating oil delivery or ac repair in Wrightstown, reach out to us at (215) 945-4833. We look forward to restoring your comfort.

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